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The Dynamic Trio

After suffering from Multiple Sclerosis since her teenage years, and its associated life barriers, Liz made a commitment to herself to understand how to apply The NeuroChange Method in her own life. After properly understanding her own life beliefs and goals, she decided that she wanted to work towards gettting to the highest level in cycling that she could, with a dream of the Paralympics - a goal that would bring about the positive mental and physical adaptations to best deal with MS in the long run. She reached out to Steve for coaching in June 2019 and that day her own Phoenix Project started to fly.  Liz and Steve have used the Neurochange system to get out of a wheelchair, overcome falls, broken bones, health set backs and every imaginable roadblock and have now competed at more than 4 Paracyling World Cups, represented New Zealand and USA at the 2023 Glasgow World Championships  and competed at hundreds of races nationally and internationally. A massive component of our journey has been the work around Neuroplasticity, creating new neural pathways to replace the ones that had been damaged by the MS, so that Liz could relearn how to walk, run and ride a bike. Now that we have proof that this method works...we want to share it with you!!!

Neurohealth Practitioner's Qualification
Neurochange Practitioner's Qualification
Liz Gasson, BA, MComms, NCNH

Neuroplastic Specialist, Paracyclist, Coach

BA Educ, 

MComms Merit 

LEADR Dispute Resolution 

Neuro Change Practitioner

Neuro Health Practitioner


Liz has worked with people with disabilities for over 30 years and has qualifications in education, psychology and communication.

She has owned her own business, Peace Talks Limited for 17 years and was a Course Director, Lecturer and Adjunct Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University and the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. 

She also worked at the International Conflict Resolution Center in Melbourne, Australia.

She has also conducted and published peer reviewed research which focused on Neuro-Processing Disorders in Children and Biopsychosocial models of educational practice, 

International Relationships, Online Dispute Resolution, and Interpersonal Communication.

Liz is also a Paracyclist with Multiple Sclerosis competing internationally representing both New Zealand and the USA on a pathway for the 2028 Paralympics, most recently, she represented NZ the Glasgow World Championships. She has been working as a coach for Fitlab since 2022.

Steve Bale, BA, NCNH, CNZC

Neuroplastic Specialist, Cyclist, Coach

BA Pol, Int. Relat., Eng

NZ Cycling Coach 10+ years

Neuro Change Practitioner

Neuro Health Practitioner


Steve has over 10 years experience coaching cyclists, runners and waka-ama racers in NZ and abroad. 

His company, Fitlab has worked together with people from all backgrounds, including children, disabled athletes, weekend warriors and Tour De France professionals. 

He has also represented New Zealand in multiple international competitions, including recently at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships in Scotland.

Steve has a vast knowledge of business strategies, communication and philosophy applying to interpersonal relationships and growth strategies. He is also well versed and qualified in working with people with disabilities and people with mental health issues. 


Paddy the Assistance Dog

Paddy is literally a lucky charm. He was born in Australia on Saint Patrick's Day in 2015. When we was 15 weeks old, he and his sister Poppy were flown to New Zealand to be raised and trained by Assistance Dogs New Zealand as Assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

After 2 and a half years of training, he was matched with Liz to help her with her Multiple Sclerosis. 

Paddy is a very expressive, extremely intelligent, food loving bundle of pure joy. He is gentle, but strong when he wants to be. He can be very cheeky and loves to ask for food by repeatedly pushing his talking "food" button and loves licking sweaty legs after cycling! He will do almost anything for a good tummy rub!


But he does have definite moods! He can clearly express when he is super unhappy, with both facial expressions  and body language. His most hated moments are having to be working in the cold or rain, wearing diapers on the airplane, not being allowed on the bed, having to wear hearing protection at a Katy Perry Concert, or booties when the ground is too hot or cold and he definitely will express his displeasure when it comes to anything around water activities! Don't get me wrong- he will still do his job- but when he's off duty- he will turn his body away from you and not look in your direction. Then he will make grumbling noise to make sure you know that he's grump!

He has had many adventures around the world, including enjoying being serenaded on a gondola in Venice, Camping in Yellowstone and  running on the beach in Belgium. He has had interactions with many different animals including, wolves, baby lions, bears, moles, dear, elk, bison, moose, leeches, snakes, alligators, owls and racoons. But the most puzzling of them all is Squirrels. He still isn't sure what to do when he sees one.

For pictures of Paddy on some of his adventures please see our Gallery Page.

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