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We have many amazing partnerships that have combined to offer you up to date resources, including, guided meditations, stress reduction stools, learning resources, urgent help contact and the latest research.

Thank you to the Opportunity Center LLC, The Awareness Academy, and the  American Psychological Association,  for sharing your resources.

Please note: These are not emergency services, if you or a loved one is in immediate danger, please contact your local mental health services, emergency services or the police. 

Opportunity Center LLC

Our goal is to provide as many mental health resources as we can to help. Most of them being free; because free is our favorite 4 letter F word. Thank you so much for visiting us today.

The Awareness 

The Awareness Academy delivers evidence based Mindfulness & Wellbeing courses for the workplace. Our programs combine traditional mindfulness practices, with the latest techniques and research coming from modern psychology and neuroscience

Amaerican Psychological Association

Building your resilience

We all face trauma, adversity, and other stresses. Here’s a roadmap for adapting to life-changing situations, and emerging even stronger than before.

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