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Supervision and Professional Codes of Conduct

The Neurochange Institute (NCI) Qualifications and Standards

NCI offers the only independent credentialing program for Neuro Change practitioners. NCI credentials are awarded to professional Practitioners who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Neuro Change competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through NCI signifies a Practitioner’s commitment to integrity, knowledge, and mastery of the Neuro Change Method, and dedication to clients.

Important note - we are highly trained Neuropractitioners, NOT therapists, psychologists or counsellors. Our services are skills based, we are facilitators and educators of the Neuro Change and Neuro Health Method. We take what we do and the information that we provide extremely seriously and maintain high standards of professional development (continual training from the NCI) and have concurrent supervision from the NCI. All course material and information is evaluated by senior lecturers and practitioners from the NCI.


In addition, we have aligned our practice with the Awareness Academy. A New Zealand company specialising in mindfulness, resilience and wellness. We are mutually dedicated to providing the highest standard of service and rely on professional and confidential co-supervision of our practices. This is beneficial for both practices as we can continue to learn and grow from each other's experiences and training from around the world. 

The Awareness Academy


Founded by Zac Parish, the Awareness Academy’s vision is to have mindfulness & wellness practices as standard in the workplace. To have empowered, compassionate & mindful leaders in all businesses. When we cultivate more awareness we start to realize that happiness truly is an inside job. We can then get more control of our mind, and in turn our health.  The Awareness Academy’s courses impart powerful tools & techniques work. They help both leaders and staff awaken the innate happiness and contentment within, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


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