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What Our Clients Say About Us

We have worked with people of all ages, from 5 - 98 years old! Our services extend beyond sports.  We have worked with teenagers who are having exam anxiety, children who have social anxiety, or people with career or study direction uncertainties. It doesn't matter what area you are struggling in, or how old you are, we can help you become more resilient, fulfilled, motivated and feel more in control of your direction



Liz met David when they were both having treatment in the hospital for MS. David said he thought he would never be able to ride a bike again. 

After a lot of hard work, training, mental fortitude and support, He completed his goal of 25km gravel race and a 25km Road Time Trial. "I think from a mental perspective its great to do something positive to try to push back on symptoms, take some control rather than the symptoms controlling you, because there can be a feeling of powerlessness that can creep in with MS. And it was cool to go through that journey with you."

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I have known Steve and Liz for over a year now in a professional role as my sports coach and mentors. Throughout this time they have provided me with consistent personalised training and race schedules, along with providing me with their expert knowledge on training, mental health, nutrition, and much more. This has enabled me to grow as a person, and an athlete and continue to achieve in my chosen sport. With their guidance, I have reached my full potential in personal excellence, and consistent progress thanks to Steve and Liz. propelling me to national-level podiums across NZ and international opportunities. I have recently been selected for a professional cycling team in Italy called Zappi.



Steve has been a huge part of my journey, helping me move from just participating in races to actually winning them. Although our sports are completely different, cycling vs waka ama, his expertise is in the science of training. My sessions with him have become a lot more effective. Now, I don't just wonder if my training's paying off – the results speak for themselves! The best thing about Steve is how he always takes the time to explain the reasons behind every strategy and asks the right questions to tailor the training to exactly what I need. He’s an outstanding coach and a real asset to anyone looking to step up their game.

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