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Our Partnerships

Just like most things; its better when you do things together. We are extremely grateful to our partners, sponsors and supports organisations that have been behind us, supporting us from the start. They are all fantastic organisations that have been extremely generous and encouraging through all the ups and downs. Please click the links below so you can also buy some of these amazing products and services!


Tailwind Nutrition

We created Tailwind to give athletes like you easy-to-use, complete nutrition that frees you up

to live in the moment and surprise yourself with what you can do. 

Whether you’re out for a weekend adventure, training for your first race,

or climbing the podium, Tailwind has your back. 

It’s all you need. Really.


Giro designs specialised sports gear, from top to toe, Helmets to shoes and everything in between. The quality of their gear and equipment is unsurpassed.



Our inspiration is the moments where you can’t control your breathing.

The shaky inhales, deep, quick, hold-your-breath kind of breaths.

Being in the deep end, in over your head, and in the zone.


Biomaxa is the future of bicycle care. We are the leader in transforming natural renewable ingredients into green, clean technology solutions for the bicycle industry. We use natural ingredients directly from or derived from nature and many of our ingredients are sourced locally from farms within our region. We craft our products in our own dedicated manufacturing facility taking care with our processes to be as efficient as possible to minimise waste, energy or the use of resources. This allows us to deliver unique products that are high quality and high performance.

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